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EVENT: Paul Walker Cruise and Car Show 2017

This year was the 5th iteration of one of the most prominent events in the Minnesota car community, and we decided to return to where it all began, The Automotorplex. The owners had us back to host one of the best yet, except this time they opened their garages to us and even came along for the cruise. With 613 vehicles in the cruise and many more filling the spectator lots, it was a great day to cruise and an even better day to get some dope photos.

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MEDIA: Review of Baby Driver, The best car movie in a while

Vanishing Point, Bullitt, The Italian Job, Mad Max, Smokey & The Bandit and Two Lane Blacktop. I could keep going listing these because the 60s and 70s were lousy with awesome car movies. It's an unofficial scientific theory that these movies played a major part in the popularity of car culture in the United States. every now and then we will get a movie that is instantly a classic, a movie that nails every aspect of what a movie should be and doesn't have a weak link. Usually when a car movie does this, it's an adaptation of a cult classic like Gone in 60 Seconds, but when all the planets align we get a fresh movie. That is exactly what Baby Driver is.

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