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SPOTLIGHT: What's the deal with... The Nissan Pao?

Over the last few months we have seen a large influx of JDM cars thanks to Brian Jannusch and International Vehicle Importers opening up shop in St. Paul, MN. One of the first cars he ever sold up here was this Nissan Pao (pronounced: Pow), sold to Hiep Dang of Pristine Detail. While unlike the Suzuki Alto at Proving Grounds, which resulted in me being blown up like the surface of Scarif with questions, the Nissan Pao seems to have a following of people who vaguely remember seeing it in Gran Turismo 4. I don't want people feeling like this is some secret kept within only the Japanese car community so we gotta ask... What's the deal with the Nissan Pao?

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SPOTLIGHT: What's the deal with... The Suzuki Alto?

So I've been the recipient of at least a dozen snapchats, Facebook PMs, text messages, telegraphs and carrier pigeons all asking me what this strange little car cruising around the pits at Proving Grounds was (pictured above). The car is none other than a HA21 Suzuki Alto Works. Although I was not there and couldn't talk to the owner, apparently it was a Canadian fella that got word from a friend of the event at BIR and decided it was worth the drive down south. This is a pretty esoteric car for those of us who aren't Gran Turismo geeks or neckbeard JDM Otakus so I'll give a quick description about the hype around this car.  So what's the deal with the Suzuki Alto?

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