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SPOTLIGHT: What's the deal with the Bricklin SV-1

So I have heard grumblings that people want more American cars and have also heard that people want more imports that aren't Japanese talked about here on The Blog. So I have done both and in doing so I have also found the most obscure car in Minnesota to write about. If you've ever wondered if there was ever a Canadian sports car, the answer is yes and this is it. The oh-so-canadian named SV-1 or Safety Vehicle One, famous for being the safest sports car of the 1970s. So what the hell is the Bricklin SV-1 and why should you care? What's the deal with the Bricklin SV-1, eh?

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EVENT: Light the Night 2017

Last month we hosted our Light The Night show for the third year, the show actually predates the formation of MNCEC. Each year it has grown and has become one of the go-to shows during the Minnesota Car Show season. The turn out was great, the food trucks were delicious and the only real issue was the city placing the restrooms a block west of where they were supposed to be located.

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LISTS: Top 5 Project Cars Under $5,000

That's it, I'm settling it once and for all. These "Best car for $5,000 or less" posts keep cropping up like some automotive variant of the Herpes Simplex virus so we decided to end it once and for all with an official Facebook poll. I left the poll open on the MNCEC Facebook group for 2 weeks, each of these cars got 30+ votes to rule out any statistical abnormalities, I bumped the poll every day or so to make sure people saw it and people were allowed to add their own entries as well.

So enough babbling, here are your votes on what the 5 Best Project Cars Under $5,000 are...

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EVENTS: Back To The 80's 2017

On a regular basis I hear the comment of "the 80's were terrible for cars" which couldn't be any farther from the truth. People give the era as a whole a bad wrap, sure the 90's arguably had some better platforms but the 1980's were nothing to scoff at. As much as I can wax poetic about the beautiful excess and technological optimism of the 1980's, there is no better evidence than an all 80's car show to prove my point. Minnesota Fieros Forever recently held their Back To The 80's event for all 1980's era cars and we are here with coverage.

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EVENT: Back to the 50s - Day 1

Over Father's Day weekend, the MSRA had their Back to the 50s Car Show. It's largest show of the year for Minnesota and nearly 18,000 cars covered every inch of the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.

Actually, this is arguably the largest classic car show in the United States as a whole. I would believe it too since it's nearly impossible to be able to see all of the cars in the show even if you go for the entire weekend. The closest competitor to Back to the 50s is the Hershey AACA Meet in Hershey, PA with around 11,000 cars showing up. This was the 50th anniversary of the Minnesota Street Rod Association this year so it was a bit of an extra special show.

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NEWS: Vic Edelbrock Jr. 1936-2017, Good Night Sweet Prince

With great sadness here at MNCEC we unfortunately have to announce news of the passing of Vic Edelbrock Jr. last week. Vic Jr. took the reigns of the Edelbrock empire in late 1962, while Vic Sr. cemented the name Edelbrock as a name in automotive performance, Vic Jr. was instrumental in modernizing and growing the company. Often with the death of the founder or an influential leader, it is hard for a company to find such brilliance a second time. With Vic Jr. lightening did strike twice as he saw the company through trials and tribulations that would have led a lesser leader to failure.

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LISTS: Top 5 American Cars of the 1980s

Continuing our countdown to Back to the 80s, we come to the Top 5 American cars of the 1980s.  American brands took steps to up their quality, not through old hat tricks but through legitimate quality improvements and R&D. This fresh infusion of technology saw better drag coeffecients, fuel injection and turbocharging which allowed more economic power to be had. All of that innovation lead to the birth of the Modern Muscle Car and even non-muscle cars were finally on a level to battle imports. After a prolonged malaise, The American car was back with a vengeance.

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