2017 was an amazing year for the Minnesota car community. MNCEC grew a ton but, more importantly, our community as a whole grew even more. If you want evidence look no further than the record attendance that Ka Teng was able to drum up for Sport Compact Day at Rockfalls, it's in Wisconsin but it's also the closest 1/4 mile strip to the Twin Cities. Anyway, I wanted to take the time to sit back and look at some of the highlights of the year with everyone.

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Editorial: The Power of Friendship, A Eulogy to Eric Devo Hanson

Earlier this week I had the unfortunate experience of laying a close friend to rest way earlier than I would have ever hoped to have done. His name was Eric Hanson, or as his friends would call him Devo. I try to stay positive and see the bright side but through this experience I was, for lack of a better word, shook. I've lost friends before and it's always hard but this one in particular got to me more than others. Devo was the light of everyone's lives that he touched and nobody hated him, his prime motive was to see you smile. That light I felt was out of my life forever.

But today at his funeral I found that light was still lit.

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