Media: BIR Proving Grounds 2017 by Galavantory

S15 Drift Proving Grounds

Here is a flashback to Proving Grounds 2017.1 as shot by Galavantory aka Alex Nelson. I've not posted any footage from either of this year's Proving Grounds yet but Alex has really knocked out of the park with this video. His camera and editing skills are superb and he does a great job of capturing the experience of the event.

This event is so vast it's hard to capture in photo format. You have drag, drift and road course racing all happening at the same time, then add a car show and general shenanigans and that's not even getting into the night parties. Honestly the only way to really capture the experience is with video like Alex has managed to do. Check out the video from Alex's YouTube channel and be sure to mash that like button and subscribe to his channel for more awesome videography from around the Minnesota car scene.