MEDIA: Gary Kollofski's 1955 Belair on Jay Leno's Garage

GARY KOLLOFSKI 55 Belair Front

Like most gearheads that frequent YouTube, roughly 85% of my subscribed pages are car related. The number one most watched for me personally is Jay Leno's Garage. On Sunday, Jay posted his latest video which was on this '55 Belair. Like most red blooded Americans, I've always had a soft spot for a good ol' Tri-Five so I had to watch it.


The car might be the single best restomod I've seen in quite some time, then I noticed something... There is an MSRA sticker on the quarter window on the driver's door. That's pretty cool, he has probably been to Back to the 50s or something. So I went back a few minutes and saw the best part of this build.


This isn't just a car from Back to the 50s, this IS in fact a Minnesota car. I've been watching Jay Leno's Garage for about as long as I've been watching Top Gear and I believe that this is the first car from Minnesota that made it onto that show.

If you want more details on the car, here is the video from Jay's site. It is worth a watch and definitely worth a subscribe if you haven't done that already.