MEDIA: Bauhaus Brew Labs Classic Import Car Night

Richard Bachrach SA22C RX7.jpg

Here is some great coverage of the Bauhaus Brew Labs + Japanese Nostalgic Car Classic Import Car Night back in October from Flecs. Bauhaus let the local Japanese Nostalgic Car Community club host an event for all classic import cars in the Twin Cities for the first time in 2017, looking at the turn out you wouldn't believe that this was hosted on a Thursday Night.

Flecs has done a great job documenting the night. The classic import car communities in Minnesota rarely get together under one roof so it's pretty cool to see not only Japanese or German cars but also British and even a Canadian car. Currently JNCC is in talks with Bauhaus to host additional Classic Import Car Nights so if this is your jam, check out their Facebook group for updates. Until then enjoy the vintage foreign tin!