RULE 1: Bullying, Racism, and Bigotry
We have a zero tolerance policy on people who are rude or incredibly disrespectful. We also do not allow politics, drama, or other toxic behavior. If you are disrespectful or use any derogatory terms (racist/ sexist/ agesist/ homophobic/ or otherwise), YOU WILL BE PERMANENTLY BANNED.

RULE 2: In Search Of (ISO), Want to Buy (WTB), and Sales Posts
If you want to sell stuff or are looking for parts or labor/services (like tint, bodywork, alignment places etc) PLEASE POST to the Classifieds Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/651269301636482/

RULE 3: Keep Brand Specific Posts to the Correct Specific Group
We ask that if you are posting for help or advice for your car or want more information on anything brand specific, PLEASE post to the accurate group (ex: Mitsu stuff posted to MNM Minnesota Mitsubishi). If you aren’t sure which group you need to find, feel free to check our website list.

RULE 4: Club Participation
If you are interested in getting your car club involved please reach out to one of our admins or our page. We would love to have as many groups sit on the board as possible as we run this like the United Nations for car groups. http://www.minnesotacarenthusiastclub.org/minnesotacargrouplist

RULE 5: You On Here Bro and Spotted Posts
YOHB, car spots, viral content, memes, and ISOs will be deleted as well. We had too much of our content getting flooded with them over the past few years. Feel free to keep them to the correct specific group related to them.